Monday, July 21, 2008

Dating in Cyberspace or should I say MYspace

I've never been the one to venture to cyberspace for a date. I mean the idea sounded really crazy to me at first but now I'm not so sure. I mean I think I may actually be open to the idea. I've been reading articles and watching news programs where more and more couples are actually meeting online and getting married. Is this just a fad? a fake? or the real thing? I see the commercials for all the time and now they're even offering a promotion. I may just have to take them up on that and see what the possibilities may be. But then I go back and forth with myself and it brings me back to my original reasons for staying away from online dating. My reasons are what if this guy is a nutcase? but then again I guess that can qualify for any person you meet. What if this is not the person that he says he is? I mean let's say we swap pics and then we meet up and you look nothing like your pic isn't that a false pretense? I'm not being superficial either I'm just saying if I think you look like one thing and then you come off like wtf. lol. True story that happened to my friend. She had been talking to this guy on my space for awhile and then they met up for drinks well he was NOT at all what he looked like in the pics. The actual picture he sent was a throwback pic but at least she stayed had a drink on him of course and left never to contact him again. I know you may think she was wrong if she was feeling him prior to but isn't that a form of deception? Anyway my last reason is you just can never tell. I would much rather meet you face to face and follow my instincts then get caught up. I guess that's me being cautious. Anyway I think I may actually get a MYspace account just to see what this online dating is all about. I mean you never know my prince may come through for me right there on my screen... I'm open to the thought.....


shawn520 said...

Well single girl...I don't know how to even start with any advice because I have never even attempted to date online. I am sure there are stores where people have made connections and a lot of horror stories. But if you do decide to try a date online don't go into the date with a preconceived notion. Go at it with an open mind and give the brother a chance. Of course you should be cautious because you are taking a chance, but you take chances with any date you go on. You never know, this shift in the dating scene might prove fruitful for you! Don't be afraid of change...embrace it. We are in a tech savvy era now where everything is surrounded around computers and web-based technology, but if that brother sends you a picture looking like Morris Chestnut (yum!) and when you meet him he looks more like Norbit--call me so that we can jump his lying ass!
Until next time...

willie said...

Don't do it. You tell singlegirldating, she better not give in to this online dating phenom...I speak from a heavy heart of experience...b*tches be lying in cyberspace. It is my job as a phototaker to make people look better than they really are! Chances are it's probably a photo I took, they're using to carry out these lies!

Blacdiamon said...

Well single girl you never really know what you my find out here in the world, I don’t see what harm it could do if you try it. I mean it’s no different than meeting a man at the club, bar, shopping center etc…I just say get all info send it to your friend and meet dude, you might end up with the man of you dreams or a good friend.

Fierce Fashionista said...

Well . . . I would say that you are out of your mind, but I can't. Smile! I know someone who met her husband via MySpace. Just like I know someone else who met their husband via the club (and I was there for that one). LOL. We take chances regardless, any way in which you look at it. Just because you may pass some dude on your way to work everyday and he's so fine doesn't mean he couldn't be a wacko. Life is full of chances. You just have to pick and choose your battles. Go for it. And hey, make sure you have some great friends on your team who can research the shyt out of a mofo! I have connections. ;) Holla.

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