Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dating Tips (not mine-lol)

I'm posting some dating tips I got from an email that was forwarded to me. I think some of the tips are good but some (okay one) is a lil far fetched. Well maybe I just don't have self control that's what. lol. But tell me what you think about these tips below. Maybe you agree or disagree. Let me know. If I end up dating anyone else new I may try to apply some of these tips and see where it lands me.

Dating Tips to Grow a Strong Relationship!

Pray – Before you even leave home to meet your date you need to spend time on your knees asking God to help you honor Him and your date. You can never go wrong with prayer. This will also put you in the proper mind-set for your time together.
Talk a lot – There’s no better way to get to know someone than by talking to them about a wide variety of topics. The more you talk, the more you will begin to know if this might be a relationship that you should pursue.
Let’s be friends! – This is an important dating tip to remember. Don’t forget that until you are married the person you are dating could be some one else’s future mate. When you begin dating someone there is a lot of pressure to move things along much too quickly. Choose to keep your relationship on a friendship level. The longer you can remain 'just friends', the better your relationship will be if you decide to get married at some point.
It's great being married to your best friend!
Pray in groups – What in the world does that mean? This sounds like an odd dating tip. What we’re suggesting is that you don’t pray together alone as a couple too early in your relationship. Prayer is so very important in any relationship so please don't misunderstand this point. When you pray with someone of the opposite sex that you care about you begin to build a level of intimacy that can often lead to trouble.
The goal in any Christian relationship is to honor God. Prayer is intimate communication with God and can draw couples together in ways not intended if you are not careful. It’s better to pray together when you are with other Christians. This will help keep the focus on God and not allow thoughts and emotions to wander to prohibited areas.
Choose to not kiss – At least until you are engaged to be married. Okay, this can be extremely difficult, but if you can follow this one dating tip then most of the others will happen naturally. Even kissing once you are engaged can be very dangerous. It’s better to not kiss at all until your wedding day! Before you laugh and click to another page with thoughts that we must be insane, consider these points on kissing.
A kiss begins to sexually stimulate a man (and woman) instantly.
If you aren’t kissing then you won’t become tempted to take things to a more intimate level. You’ll be protecting yourself and the purity of your date.
If a Christian man is kissing his date and it gives him an erection (often just the possibility of a kiss can do this), is God or his date being honored?
Is this healthy for the man to get sexually aroused time after time without sexual release? When men become sexually aroused a large amount of blood flows to the genitals. If ejaculation does not occur; the build up of blood can become painful. That just can't be a good thing for anyone! Ouch! :O)
A kiss will surely break down your barriers and leave you in a position that could ultimately devastate your relationship with your date and separate you from a close walk with God. Self-control seems to be the better option.
Just think how magical that first kiss will be if it is saved for your wedding day!
Include another couple – You will find that physical issues are much less distracting if you plan most of your dating situations to include other couples. Group dates can be a lot of fun and you’ll also be helping your friends maintain purity in their relationships as well.
Always treat each other with respect – If you respect the person you are with then you won’t say or do things that will intentionally hurt them. Ask yourself 'what would Jesus do?' and then do it!

Please don’t simply read these dating tips and then not try to apply any of them to your dating situations. Dating is a wonderful experience and should be enjoyed by both people in the relationship. If you came searching for these dating tips then you have a desire to honor your date and honor God with the choices you will make while dating.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Dating...

So I'm sure you have heard the saying "too good to be true". Well that's how I feel about this situation. And I am a thinking person and so I always think the worst can happen and am surprised when it doesn't, especially when I think everything is going so swell. Is there such a thing as things really going perfect anyway? Even though there may not be it sure does seem close. And maybe its the beginning stages of dating someone you truly like. Its really great when that someone likes you back just the same. I can honestly say that in the last month I've been a lil more smiley and more easy going. Lol. Could it be that special someone? And why is that anyway? I know I was happy before he came along but I think an inner glow just seems to come out when a special someone is making you happy. Its a beautiful thing and a great feeling almost as if you're on cloud nine. Lol. Is there such a thing? Well if there is I'm going to enjoy it while I can. I can truly say I am happily dating. I can't wait for the next time we meet. : )

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sexual Dating...when????

So within the last two weeks I have posed a question to my friends. When you're dating someone when is the best time to have sex? I got a variety of answers from the first date to three months, even wait till marriage (I don't know about that-lol) or when the time is right. But how do you know when the time is right? Now I know that we are adults (at least we should be) but you still want to have some type of restraint. Don't you? I mean I would say do what you feel but at the same time I don't want the guy looking at me sideways plus been there done that. And I feel that as we mature things change. Sex isn't the same for me as it was a few years ago. I guess I'm just not into casual sex. It gets old and unforfilling. So then what do you do? Back to the same question because you can't bone EVERY guy you meet or date (at least I'd hope not-lol) but to each its own. So when is the best time? I read an article that says to wait at least a month and that sounds reasonable because by then you should have had a few dates and gotten to know the person a lil better. And the saying is true that sex is more emotional for women (at least some), I know it is for me. If I'm not really feeling the person on some type of level then its not happening and if it does happen by some chance then it won't be good.
Honestly for me sex can make or break a date or sometimes even a relationship. lol. I mean if its good (wish I'm praying it is) then everything is good but if its not then damn wtf. lol. It's almost as if the attraction goes down hill but it also all depends on the timing. And that's why its so key to have it at the right time and not to rush. So the moral of the story is if you want something out of your dating friend then maybe its best not to rush and wait for the RIGHT time or you could just be a sex object. lol.

Date Anxiety

okay so this isn't my first date with him but I am still anxious as if it is. I'm not quite sure why that is. I think I was less anxious and nervous than this the FIRST time we went out. So I just need to relax. But I swear time is going by so slow. This whole week has gone by slow. I think it maybe because one- I really really like him. And second this time we're on my turf as opposed to me going to his side of town. I know that I have a lot planned for us and I guess I'm just hoping that everything goes smoothly. You know how it is when you have plans and you want them to go right. So anyway I guess that's why I have all the anxiety at this moment.

Anyway date anxiety is something that I'm sure most of us either go through or have gone through. And I guess it really depends on how much you like the person cause we all know it ain't the same for everybody. I mean we all get nervous at times and it can even happen on the date itself. But the key thing is just to be easy and not let the butterflies get the best of you. Be your charming, beautiful, witty self and all will fall into place, at least that's what I keep telling myself. ; 0