Thursday, April 22, 2010


So I've finally managed how to juggle while dating.  Juggling men that is.  I've stated this before but I've always been the type to put all of my eggs into one basket, well not this time around.  I have been dating three men simultaneously and it has been great.  Each guy is different and I notice that I show different sides to each guy.  It's like you have to play up to each of them and their personalities and dating styles.  It even works out great that when one is busy with something else the other entertains me.  Now some people may look at it as a bad thing but it really isn't.  How will you find the one you're looking for if you're only spending time with one guy who you might be slightly interested in.  So it's almost like a process of elimination.  You date a few guys at a time (notice I'm saying date the guy, not sleep with the guy) and you'll be able to compare and start to eliminate the one(s) that are not up to your speed. 
Dating multiple guys has also allowed me to just have fun with it.  I'm able to relax a bit more and just really be myself without getting uptight or upset because I had plans with Mr. X and he cancelled last minute.  That is no longer the case if Mr. X cancels well there's always Mr. C, F or B.  Now I have options and when you have options and choices the things you normally would be concerned about when dating one guy can be over looked.  I will say this though, there is one that is truly sticking out amongst the rest.  I really like him and I think the feeling is mutual.  So I will say that I am a happy camper. 
Now who says that dating multiple guys isn't fun? At the end of the day look at it as if you were on Elimidate and you're trying to find the best mate.  So let the dating begin and may the best man win.  : )