Thursday, July 1, 2010

Single Girl Travels

So initially when I came up with the plan to travel alone to Europe everyone thought I was crazy. I kept getting responses like “are you serious?”; “Omg. You’re going alone?”. I’m sure not the first and definitely not the last. Plus Wendy Williams has said before that every woman should take one trip by herself. And so I did. I was determined to experience Europe and whether I had friends going with me or not, it didn’t matter.

It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. It also was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken and I have taken plenty. I was able to enjoy “me” time. I could do as I wanted, come and go as I please, and not care about anyone but me for once. I made new friends. The friends I made are great people whom I never would have met had I not gone on this solo journey. And when I got there I wasn’t the only single lady on the trip. Clearly, I’m not the only crazy one. LOL. I experienced new places and things that I wouldn’t have had.

So the benefit of this trip for a single girl like me was spending time with me. Really getting to know myself and to just absorb everything. I spent time writing my thoughts and each detail of my trip in my journal. I took lots of pictures to never forget this experience. And also came back with so many stories and memories to last a lifetime. I definitely recommend each woman take a single trip. Not a trip with your girls, or your man, or your family, just you by yourself. And it doesn’t have to be Europe, it can be a cute local bed and breakfast, it can be a spa retreat (every girl could use that), or it could even be an exotic destination just take the time to do you. You will thank yourself for it.

Wendy Williams confirmed for me that I should take this trip but deep down I already knew. And now that I am back I hear, “Wow, you’re brave.”, “I wish I could’ve done that”. You can. And I am so glad I did. : )