Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All the SINGLE ladies...
All the SINGLE ladies...

Why must all the SINGLE ladies be called out?  Everywhere I turn there is something about SINGLE women.  Just recently there was a TV special on single women, black SINGLE women at that.  Then I get an email from Essence magazine about a chat about marriage, Black women, and the SINGLE life.  I mean c'mon.  Is it that serious? I mean it's not that bad to be a SINGLE woman or is it?  Am I missing something? 
We watch these shows like Sex and the City, Girlfriends, and now more recently Let's Talk About Pepa which revolves around four SINGLE women, black women.  But why does it matter? I mean surely black women aren't the only ones who are SINGLE.  Yeah sure I see more of my other female friends getting married or being in committed relationships.  On the same hand I have a lot of black female friends who are either married, engaged, or in committed relationships.  So it's not just the black community. 
Now the SINGLE women that I know are all great women just waiting for the right person to come along, myself included.  There's nothing wrong it. People seem to get this impression that since we (women) are SINGLE that there's something wrong us.  Or that we're used goods. Or that we have high standards.  Or whatever other reason a female maybe SINGLE.  How about there are actually some women who enjoy being SINGLE? Maybe women aren't willing to just settle and that's fine, why should they?  Has anyone ever asked the men why they are SINGLE? Why are they afraid to committ? I mean that seems to be the biggest reason I have found as to why men are SINGLE.  Or maybe it just all boils back down to they haven't found the right one either. 
Maybe its just me but I don't feel bad being a SINGLE woman.  I enjoy the SINGLE life.  There are times of course when I may "wish" to have a boyfriend or even husband and then I hear some of the troubles my married, engaged, comitted friends go through and I'm glad all over to be SINGLE.  So the next time I hear the song calling all the SINGLE ladies out.  I'm just going to smile and proudly put my hand up.  I'm living the SINGLE life waiting patiently for the right one to come along.