Saturday, July 11, 2009

Single Girl Dating the Unknown

Ok so I haven't written in awhile and that's because I really have nothing to write about. This single girl's dating has gone DRY. lol. Maybe it's the economy and guys aren't into taking guys out anymore. I mean there are a bunch of free things to do that are just as fun. Maybe it's the weather. Guys see more skin so they aren't really looking to be attached to one person. lol. Who knows. But actually I think it's me. It's me because I've just been so busy and caught with me that I haven't had time to look up and notice anyone. Lol. Is that bad? It can be. Sometimes I do want to go out on a date but then I'm like well I'm not dating anyone and haven't met anyone to date. Oh well. Doesn't suck too bad though because I'm doing me. I am working. Going to school. Traveling. Hanging out with friends and celebrating their life moments. But I have noticed one thing about myself. I continue to date guys that are familiar to me. Meaning I have known them prior-whether they are old friends or associates from school. They are someones friend or family member that I already know. Why is it that I can't find guys that are clearly unknown to me or any of my friends or family at all? Is it because the world is so damn small? Or I don't get out much? Or maybe I just don't trust or feel comfortable with the unknown? So I'm posing a question where can I meet nice, gentlemen who are complete strangers to me and my friends/family? It can't be that hard but it really is. Help me out here. Maybe I need a dating show. Oh been there, done that. Maybe I need to be open minded-but I've kind of been there done that too. Lol. One of my friends has suggested speed dating and it's a thought but does it really work. I guess I'll have to see what you guys come up with. : )