Saturday, July 11, 2009

Single Girl Dating the Unknown

Ok so I haven't written in awhile and that's because I really have nothing to write about. This single girl's dating has gone DRY. lol. Maybe it's the economy and guys aren't into taking guys out anymore. I mean there are a bunch of free things to do that are just as fun. Maybe it's the weather. Guys see more skin so they aren't really looking to be attached to one person. lol. Who knows. But actually I think it's me. It's me because I've just been so busy and caught with me that I haven't had time to look up and notice anyone. Lol. Is that bad? It can be. Sometimes I do want to go out on a date but then I'm like well I'm not dating anyone and haven't met anyone to date. Oh well. Doesn't suck too bad though because I'm doing me. I am working. Going to school. Traveling. Hanging out with friends and celebrating their life moments. But I have noticed one thing about myself. I continue to date guys that are familiar to me. Meaning I have known them prior-whether they are old friends or associates from school. They are someones friend or family member that I already know. Why is it that I can't find guys that are clearly unknown to me or any of my friends or family at all? Is it because the world is so damn small? Or I don't get out much? Or maybe I just don't trust or feel comfortable with the unknown? So I'm posing a question where can I meet nice, gentlemen who are complete strangers to me and my friends/family? It can't be that hard but it really is. Help me out here. Maybe I need a dating show. Oh been there, done that. Maybe I need to be open minded-but I've kind of been there done that too. Lol. One of my friends has suggested speed dating and it's a thought but does it really work. I guess I'll have to see what you guys come up with. : )


Charles said...

Funny, i just had the same convo with my stepmom a few weeks ago. We were talking about office dating and/or dating friends. She told me the easiest way to find someone is to make a list of things you want in a partner, prioritize them, and find out where people who have those qualities go. Vague i know but it's helping me. This is probably all stuff you've heard before but i figured i'd give my two cents

Blaque Diamond said...

Great to see you back on the blog!

Did you ever make that list I suggested? Maybe you should just date yourself. When I say that I mean just go out by yourself, have fun, and when a guy greets you make eye contact and maybe start a convo.
another suggestion is to talk with someone you would never think you would talk too. He maybe be worth it in the long run.

BTW: there is nothing wrong with you, being in school, working, and traveling is not being into yourself its preparing for your future let no one tell you differently.

Anonymous said...

AWWWW. well I suggest continue to have fun and there you meet a guy enjoying something you are doing as well. Like say you are at a amusement park or another function. Then a guy notices you and you notice him, both of you all are at a place you like...boom. Magic. :) i think when you try to hard in searching then you will never find what is in front of your face. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Blacque Diamond, try talking to someone you normally wouldn' couldn't hurt...but be careful what you ask for, you don't want a guy off the top, proposing when desert arrives.

And, the older you get, the smaller the world. I have friends, that have never met you, but know who you are...that's true stuff.

Anonymous said...

hey try church!!!! its always nice single guys there looking for a wholesome woman :)

Wanda said...

Relationship are deeper than we think. You should always hold yourself to a certain standard when it comes to having someone in your life. Prayer is good and asking God to bring someone in your life that he feels is good for you is the best thing that anyone dating can do. He wants all of us to Marry and be fruitful so why not ask him to send that someone in your life it only makes sense.

Single Girl said...

Thanks guys for all the feedback. But trust me when I say I'm not like outright SEARCHING either. I feel like if it happens it happens. But it never happens. Lol. I always meet the same ole folk. Anyway I have a date tomorrow with one of those same ole folk. This is what I'm talking about. Lol. I just need to step outside of my box.

Chastity said...

Girl don't worry about it, me and you are in the same boat. I feel like if you keep focusing on yourself, and your career and pray on it, god will bring you a amazing man. And because you'll already have your career together and you'll know who you are as a person and there's no baggage,you guys can go no where but up. He will see that you are different and you are a catch, because there are so many girls out here who fall into desperation and temptation. So just keep having fun and meet people but, keep the focus on yourself until you find the guy your willing to give 100% of yourself too.

Anonymous said...

you know, I married the guy that was most familiar to me and honestly if I did not "reconnect" with him, I would probably be out there with you asking myself the same question. It is easy to recycle the men from your past because you already know them (more than would a complete stranger). That takes the pressure of the whole dating/getting to know thing. I truly believe this area, in particular makes it very hard to date. So, keep doing you and he will come along and don't worry about if he is from your past or not. It is nice to know that the guy you ultimately end up with was a friend in the beginning. Keep working on breaking down that wall you have up and be open, he could be right under your nose.

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