Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dating in the New Year

So I am starting the New Year with a new perspective. Basically I have realized a pattern within myself while dating. I tend to date a few guys at a time and then all of a sudden I really like one. Then it happens... I cut everybody back or just cut them off. I put all of my time and my effort into this one person because I feel a connection and feel that maybe, just maybe it could work. And at times this seems to backfire on me. And I had to think about it and say to myself why do I keep doing the same thing. I start dating this one person and put all of my time and energy into this ONE person. To think that ONE person that I am dating, not even in a relationship with is getting so much of my time and attention is appalling. I can't even believe myself. And what's worse is when the ONE person I have put my energy into is not even worth it or is not even thinking about me the same. So I have changed my perspective and made a goal for myself. I will no longer put all of my time and energy into ONE person because simply put they just aren't worth it. Well I don't really mean that they aren't worth it but why waste all of your time and focus on ONE person when simply put that person may not be into you the way you are into them. And I'm not saying it's a bad thing but you want to keep your options open. So basically I am doing things a bit differently for the New Year as well as for the future. Maybe the outcomes will be much different than the ones I am getting now. Who knows... it could happen.