Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dating Scene for a Single Girl

Okay so the dating scene is quite lame. I mean I have really tried to be open minded and try out a dating site at the advice of friends. However, my account is now closed because that's just not my style. What happened to the old fashioned way of meeting guys? Guys actually approaching a female and saying something nice enough to get your attention and then have a nice convo from there? Oh wait that must only be in the movies cause i don't think I've ever seen that scene played out. But on the real where are the available, drama free, non issue having, respectable, ready to commit, not get on your nerves too much and treat you like a queen men at? I mean is something wrong here. Are we experiencing a shortage of good men? And don't get me wrong there are some good men out there but it's just taking me awhile to find him I guess. And then i look at some of my friends and realize I'm not the only one singing this tune. But I tell you what it's getting old real quick and frankly so am I. Can't I just find a normal guy? Lol. Someone told me the other day to lower my standards but I'm thinking geez if I lower them anymore than I might as well pick up any ole thing and that Is so not me and I'm just not into settling. So I'm going to take a hiatus from men for a minute. Who knows that man I'm looking for just might pop up. I'll stay hopeful.