Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bad Date

What constitutes a bad date? A bad date could be two people just not feeling each other or mainly one not feeling the other and it shows. Or it could be the event or things that occur during the event. There could be a lot of reasons as to why a date goes bad. And I've had my fair share of bad dates. All in all they are lessons to be learned. I always try to think about what part I played in the bad date and vice versa. Now there are ways to come back from a bad date but some are just not fixable. lol. I had one guy I went out with (and I will take a lot of blame here) that I showed up late to where we were supposed to meet. He kept calling me but I was on a long distance VERY IMPORTANT phone call so I would not click over. When I finally called him he had left our meeting spot but said he would meet me closer to where we were supposed to have dinner. Ok fine. So I get to our meeting spot and park my car and he meets me at my car and then we drive around looking for parking for his car. SO he decides to park right in front of the restaurant. Now I should've known something was up because you are not allowed to park in front of the establishment. He tells me not to worry about it that he'll just get a ticket. Umm ok. Moving right along we get inside the restaurant. Now here is when things really go sour. He starts talking (bragging) about himself and how he has this and that. So I pretend I'm listening but its hard to focus because I'm supposed to meet my girls after dinner with this dude and they keep blowing up my phone. Now granted usually I would put my phone on silence but because I had to meet them somewhere I kept it on vibrate. So the more he talked about self the more I lost interest and the more my phone buzzed. I apologized profusely but honestly I didn't even care. So now we order. He orders an appetizer along with dinner. The appetizer comes he devours it then excuses himself to the bathroom....... 15 min later I'm like wtf is up. Did he get sick? ... 30 min later and I call his phone goes to vm. I call a few more times-same thing. wtf. no wait for real did dude leave? So I have my friend call him and he picks up and as soon as she mentions my name the phone disconnects. Ok so now I know that my DATE left me. lol. I can't believe this. But I find it hilarious until the waitress comes over. I explain to her the situation she asks me do I still want his meal to come out (umm NO) and then she tells me to just enjoy my dinner but that I will have to pay for the appetizer he ate. wtf. are you serious right now. So now I'm mad but you know what I don't even care. I sit and enjoy my dinner and her tip was right there in the appetizer. Did I hear from him again of course not. Did I learn a lesson. You bet. Don't go out with ugly dudes just for a free dinner. lol. especially if you're not interested for real. So that goes down as WORST DATE EVER. Do I and the few friends I told still laugh about it. Of course.


Anonymous said...

Wow...that REALLY was a bad date. I have to say I've never really had a bad date. I HAVE had some dates that were BORING and it's like wow no wonder this dude is single LMAO...he has no clue.

Anaconda Jones said...

"I'm sorry I left you sitting there like that. It wasn't on purpose, what really happened was the apetizer didn't sit to well with me at the table, notice...I immediately went to the bathroom.

So I get in there, and it all comes back up, on the mirrors, my shirt, everything, of course I can't come back out to the table like this, so I climb out the bathroom window and run through the alley to my car. I saw you calling, but I didn't know how to explain I had the BG's...and you were such a pretty girl, I didn't know how you'd take it, so I get out front of the restaurant, and they had towed my damn car. Can you believe that. So I find out where they towed it to, and go to hop on the train, that's when your friend had called, and I was like, I'll just tell her the truth, but by that time, I was going underground, and my cell cut off because don't get reception down there. But now that I know your old moo moo head wasn't feeling a brother anyway, I'm glad it didn't work out."
- Sincerely
That Dude. :)

Anonymous said...


Fierce Fashionista said...

OMG! That was the worst. I mean, who does that nowadays? That dude is a straight gump! He couldn't even be man enough to say how he was feeling. To just up and run like that, is a straight b*tch move.

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