Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interracial Dating

What exactly does that mean? Most people consider interracial dating to be a black/white couple. But there can be all types of interracial dating. I wanted to post this today because I recently went on a date with my friend who happens to be Caucasian. As you can see I have no problem dating outside of my race. I guess it has something to do with my background and the way I was raised. I try not to look at someones race as an issue we are ALL equal in my opinion. We all bleed, cry, hurt, love and go through the same things however different it maybe for you or others. Needless to say while I was out with my friend we passed a guy who happened to be my race and he started making rude comments and shouting obscenities about us. I tried to ignore the situation and start conversing with my friend who I am sure heard the person as well. It's almost scary-what do you do in that situation? Is it fair for someone to judge whom you choose to date?

I was watching the Black in America series and there was a young black woman on there who spoke of her white husband and biracial children. She talked about how his family would make remarks about their relationship and not just his family but strangers in passing as well. Again why is it that people feel they can pass judgement on other people's relationships? I hear the stories about the black women who get upset when they see a white woman dating a black man. Who cares? Why is it any of your concern? Clearly that's who he chose and you shouldn't be trying to figure out what went wrong and why he didn't choose you or someone else. That is his preference just like we all have preferences. Why should we knock someone for their decision.

Something New was a movie in which a black woman starts dating a white man. She has to deal with her feelings for this man as well as the reaction of her family, friends, and strangers. And I could completely understand what she was going through. You want to try "something new" but then you're afraid because you don't know what peoples reactions are going to be. And not that someones reaction should dictate your relationship but you feel uncomfortable when you hear remarks and stares just because of who you are with. You feel uncomfortable to hold their hand, kiss them in public but at the same time you don't want the uncomfortableness to show through. You want everything to seem normal just as if you were out with someone of your own race. You try to get past the uncomfortableness but its hard. And then eventually I'm sure it gets to a point where you just say Fu*k it. Anyway I don't really know where I am going with this I just needed to get my thoughts out. But people need to either mind their business or be more open minded. This is the new millennium let's get it's no longer Jungle Fever you can't help who you love....... so I'm going to keep pressing on and try to move pass the haters and keep dating whomever I want whether they be purple, Asian, or whatever. I just want peace and happiness.


Blacdiamon said...

I started writing about this topic and titled it dating outside your race or culture now I have no need to post it, lol.

I use to get upset when people close to me made comments about dating outside their race because we didn’t do this or we didn’t do that; I mean if that is what you want to do than do it don’t make an excuse as to why you choose to do it. Then I started hanging out with someone of a different culture but of the same race and I seen first hand the judgments people made about him or the stereotypes that came along with being around him. They wanted to make fun of his name, assumed he dressed a certain why, or whatever else they could until I corrected them or they met him. Now when I met his friends and some of his family they were open arms and very attentive. Just being around them at a cookout was different for me; they all came in greeting and hugging everyone. Needless, to say I was not use to that.

Meeting dating or just being friends brings spice to your life! LIVE, LOVE, & LAUGH and what better way than meeting different people.

Anonymous said...

i dont think your race should have anything to do with your happiness...people are going to hate regardless so let them hate on( hi hater)...if you just so happen to find that special someone outside your race, who is anyone else to judge your relationship!!!

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