Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Dating Game

We've all been there, done that. We're supposed to date until we find the ONE. And although I've been on plenty dates-some good, some bad, some nice, some not so nice I still haven't found the ONE. SO I decided to write this blog about my dating woes and more. I have to say that's why I love Sex & the City. Carrie and the girls really were onto something. And since watching th emovie and Carrie being married there's one less girl off the single road (even if it's fictional). I will have to say most of my friends are single. Granted I do have some, okay 3 friends that are married the majority of us are single girls. And the general consensus seems to be that there aren't any good guys available. I don't completely agree with that statement. Just not EVERY guy is meant for EVERY body. For me personally I seem to meet guys who are either workaholics OR are just NOT willing to commit. I'm like c'mon guys we're not getting ANY younger and who are you holding out for. But the reality of it is that I am single and I am content with that but I do and am dating.
I went out on a date a few weeks back with a gentleman who I met about 2 years ago at a party. He's a friend of a friend. And its weird because I think we both know that we are NOT meant to be but its still ok to go out on a date and catch up from time to time so we did. We actually went on a double date and my friend that was also with us commented after the date-it's been 2 years maybe he's not that into you. I had to turn it on her and inform my friend that I am just not that into him. And this particular gentleman and I go out one time maybe every 4-5 months. I guess we're both bored so we just see each other. But once we go out its almost like we realize why we don't go out and why we haven't spoken in months. And since our last date we have not spoken-it happens everytime but I am not worried. He'll call back sometime I guess.
Moving right along there's a new guy in the picture. He and I met almost the same way at a friend's birthday party. So far so good. He seems nice. We've had 2 long conversations in total. One of my friends has met him and she thinks he's pretty nice. We actually have an upcoming date that I am excited about. I'll have to tell you how it goes......


Fierce Fashionista said...

WOW! Yes, I too adore Sex & The City. Matter of fact, I'm going to go see it again this Saturday. Moving right along . . . guys really are just weird like that. I feel like we as women have to sit back and wait for them to be ready (to make a serious commitment). Take this one guy for instance . . . I met him and we hit it off really well. We were constantly spending time together. Granted, there was no title for our relationship, the feelings we had were mutual. I never insinuated that I wanted to be his girlfriend, but he did admit that I had qualities that he desires in a woman. Long story short. The last time that I saw him in person, he told me that he was not ready for a relationship. Less than a month later, I find out that he has a girlfriend. Many more months later (more recently), I found out that they have since broken up, but now he has a NEW girlfriend. Okay wait . . . hold it sauce - WTF yo?! That shit really pissed me off, but you what, it's his loss. I've come to realize that he just wants to play right now and seeing as though he has too much respect for me to play me, I will never hold the title of his girl (at least while he's still on playtime), hence his honesty with me. And I appreciate that more than anything else.

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