Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Short of it All

My girlfriends have recently been clowning each other on who's the shortest. And guess what I am it. And that's fine because I am a female. But when it comes to men not only does there seem to be a shortage of men, there seems to be a shortage of tall men.

Ladies take a look around the next time you are at the club, at a restaurant or wherever. You will notice that most of the men are about 5'8 and under. And I know what you're thinking you're short (meaning me) so how can you call someone else short? Easy. I certainly can tell the difference between a tall person and short person, even with me being short. And its funny to me because when I was in high school a lot of the guys were 6'0 ft or so. Now not so much. What has happened?
Where have all the tall men gone? And because I'm short the shorties tend to flock to me. Umm sorry I don't want to reproduce some other lil shorties. Lol. It's okay if they are female but since there are no guarantees then scratch that. I have to think about my future here and my kids as well. I just don't get it though. Most rappers are short, actually most celeb men are short and much shorter in person that they appear on TV.

What happened to the days of tall men? Tall men like Michael Jordan. Snoop Dogg. Will Smith. Not that any of these men tickle my fancy but I'm trying to make a point here. Seriously when you go to the club the tall guys now stand out because everyone else is around the same height. It's sad I know but true.

What can be done? I've come up with some solutions-one being you could rock some lil high heeled booties like my man Prince (he's a hot shorty). Or you could stop wearing skinny jeans that make you look like you're a 10 year old. You're already short please don't make it worse wearing 2T sized clothing. You could hang with a bunch of other shorties and make sure you are the tallest to appear tall (at least taller). Lol.

Anyway I'm done carrying on about the short people since I am one myself. However just like there are different "standards" for males and females this is one of them. Can't we just get some tall men back? Drink more milk. And please don't take offense to this men or women I'm just trying to make short of the situtation. lol.


Godiva said...

This was adorable! And you already know how I feel about this topic. I think another way to prevent this is for the male species to stop smoking and drinking at an early age. Weed, cigarettes, and alcohol has clearly has stunted the growth of two generations.

Blaque Diamond said...

@Godiva that is sooo true, stop drinking and smoking! They are really messing up our reproduction era!
@SingleGirlDating this was cute, and I feel your pain. My friend is my height but like heels so when I do put them on I'm standing over him and feel like a giant, so I only wear sneakers or flats with him and this joker pops attitude, saying I don't dress up. How do I tell this joker, yo your azz is short and i feel like a freakin giant standing next to you.

Jerome Williams ('Wee Oms') III said...

I don't know if drinking or smoking is it...I've never done either, and I fall under 6'. (Maybe I should have hung a bit longer from the monkey bars?) Maybe all the tall guys have just gone to that place where lightskinned dudes went for awhile, back in the 90's.

Tall dudes with no style appear goofy and dimwitted. Maybe that's why you're seeing a flooded market of shorts, because you don't notice the tall linky clowns with the bad shirt and supercreased jeans, and stupid speech patterns. Then again what's worse, a short dude with skinny jeans, or a tall dude with skinny jeans?

I'm no dude hunter so I can't tell you where the tall guys are going/have gone. I won't know until they call for me and the other 6 guys left who don't live in their mom's basement to until then keep searching i guess.

lady K said...

Girl yes where are all the tall guys besides the NBA? LOL. They probably migrated from the dc metro area. Thats probably why. :)

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